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  Company History  
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Our custom solutions operation began in 1995.
From 1995 through 1998 we provisioned connectivity, customer support, and online product development to a wide variety of businesses and manufacturers as a First Tier ISP and Custom Internet Solutions Corporation. In December of 1998 we sold our ISP — who is still operating from our original domain; then opened Widgital to focus on developing software as a service (Internet–based Applications), the servers and network components that support them.
In the beginning we developed authentication, used encryption, built custom servers, secured connetivity, stored data, created websites.
For more than twenty years we have improved process, created online products, designed and implemented responsive networks, reported in real time, helped buisinesses take home more money and have more time to spend on what matters most.
Our clients are customers and collaborators, click here to see a short list.